Moving Forward

To keep this light bright, Callie and I decided that we did not want to have to occupy our time doing jobs around town to receive money. Ever since discovering how the economic system worked, we had always known we did not want to be the people who were taken advantage by it by working for the man. We had always talked about getting money just to get away it all. All the talk, all of the B.S., all the mindlessness, all the stupidity. We felt like the world around us had fell apart and we fell into the whole it created as well. We decided, it  was time we work our way out.

Between us both, we had one desktop computer that we shared. We understand that in this day age, money can be made without even stepping outside of the house, and that is what we ideally wanted to do. Being social outcasts our entire life, we felt we would not integrate into society as seamlessly as we would like, so we decided that we should keep a screen between us and the rest of the world and work our way up from there.

Being poorly raised and money hungry girls, we decided that the best way to earn money would be to take advantage of our gender. We started doing cam shows for viewers in shifts. I would take the early morning and afternoon, Callie handled the night viewers. This initially was not as profitable as we would have liked it to be, but it was about the same amount as money as we were receiving from welfare so we rode with it.

One day, while Callie was doing a show, I realized that I was just sitting around doing nothing for us, rather, just watching her. Since we had an additional monitor, I decided to use some of the money that we had earned to go buy an HDMI chord. From there, I hooked up the monitor to the computer, and was able to figure out how to use a dual screen feature. One of us could work on cam shows and submit to the viewers, while the other could figure out how to make additional money on the computer. It was a great plan. So, we pooled our money together and bought a new webcam to hook up to the monitor, and one of us could respond to viewers, while the other worked.

Initially, we started to do mechanical turk gigs for Amazon. After realizing we were only making a profit of about $6 an hour, we turned our resources somewhere else.

Between us, Callie and I each pulled in about $20/hr doing cam shows, which we thought was great. Once we started compounding that money with MTurk, we know there was some serious dough to be made online.

One day, we discovered Craigslist and Fiverr, in the same day. We saw there was a free section on Craigslist, and on Fiverr, you could do menial tasks for people, so, we decided whoever wasn’t doing cam shows would be picking up free stuff near us from Craigslist, or doing Fiverr gigs.

Between these two streams of income, Callie and I were actually making about $150 a day! Not bad between the both of us. And the money was being saved instead of spent on useless goods.

It finally seemed like we were stepping into a new life where we would eventually be progressing and leaving our pasts behind, something that we each had hoped for since going clean.



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