The Printer Packs

Callie and I were really progressing with our money making abilities. With two screens available, we were really cooking! More money than we had ever seen in either of our lives. Granted, both of us were raised in poor households, but profiting every month made everything worth it. Going in one month, coming out the next with more to have started to truly inspire us to continue to keep our acts together.

After about 4 months of this passing, between Callie and I, we were sitting on about $5,000, when the previous months when we were using, there was rarely ever much money staying in our pockets. We had always talked about putting our money to good use and do things that could make us sit on a good style of living. So we began to game plan.


I’ve seen a lot of movies over the years and I was always interested in living a wealthy person’s life. Well, what did the wealthy do, first thing, was they usually owned something. Whether it started with a small at home business, reselling goods, or what have you. It was hardly ever anything but owning a business though.

Callie and I wondered, how can we put both of ourminds into a single project or business, that could potentially grow slowly so we could move to the next level of wealth. We figured since we had $5,000, maybe the best thing to do was buy something worth a couple thousand, and use it to create more wealth. We had the ideas of buying a cheap car to use as a taxi, we thought about buying an ATM that we would lease to other people to use for a period, yet, we finally settled on buying an industrial printer.
industrial printer

Our idea for using an industrial printer was, by having a printer that fires out papers at a great speed with fantastic quality, we could use these as advertisements for our printer quality by sending them into companies to advertise how prestigious the pieces of paper we print are, and then we would offer them to be their exclusive company provide for bulk copies, or we had hoped to be able to resell them a different industrial printer, and negotiate with a printer company to give us a cut of the action.

We sought this to be a great plan, and hence, Callie and I moved forward with our purchase. Our plan to immediately get to work succeeded, and we were working at lightning speed designing, and printing paper pitches that we would send to companies. printing press

After we had a large bulk supply that we were comfortable with, we inserted them into large envelopes so nothing would have to be bent, and then we proceeded to send them out in a mass amount to companies all nearby. Callie had a sweet, yet stern voice, and we decided she could be greatly suited as being a phone salesmen.

During the day, I would spend typing up companies around the United States for Callie to give a call and try to sell on a sample of the paper being shipped, or being a copier, or full on buying the printer. However it worked out to get money in hand, we were shooting for.

Nights, we would spend packing paper copies up to distribute in an envelope to go to companies that we called or cold pitches around time.

After unsuccessful try selling on the phone after unsuccessful try, Callie and I decided we needed a hitch in our game plan. So, still living in her trailer, I went full research mode into discovering how to build a website to advertise for our products. I assumed by having a verified business online, it would be easier for Callie to sell to companies over the phone now that they could see what company they were talking about.

Low and behold, we started growing. Not slowly, exponentially.

The website really worked. Callie was able to talk to business owners on the phone, and show them clear cut pictures of the differences in copies between one piece of paper from an average printer compared to our industrial printer copies. For the companies who truly red about their image, but were tight on budget, we were able to smoothly work out deals with them to be exclusive supplier for bulk loads of copied material. But also, one of the keys whole scheme we had planned was the big sales. It took three months before Callie was able to sell one printer, but when it happened, we were both shocked on how much it changed everything.

The guy was a luck of the draw call. Callie was getting more and more frustrated and she began to do herself and was looking to change her tempo. She tried a new pitch for the first time and guess what, it hit. He was still running his valet company that was actually starting to become very successful. While at the time, internet advertising wasn’t important, he was taking advantage of the laziness of competitors. This was the only guy I ever knew that spent money on a person to drive around hot spots of town, and hand out and pin up fliers for his company. I thought it was wild that he wanted a printer for that reason, but then he told me that he also wanted to print up free information that he had found online. Information that was not generally accessible through the common search engines. He wanted to print up mass quantities and be able to stand out among the crowd. This is when we realized, that we had a lot in common with this guy. While we were introverts, he was an extrovert, but it seemed our thought processes were the same, we would keep in touch with this gentleman and he will come in again later down the road.

But nevertheless, we were so excited!!! We didn’t know what to do with ourselves for an hour afterwards. That was the first sale either of us made in our lives. By closing our first major deal down, we both realized how possible it was to jump in to the sales business and start to earn ridiculous amounts. Callie and I realized how hard of workers we really were. When we saw the money, we started to buckle down and get serious. We wanted to formulate our biggest plot yet!

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