How do we Fix the Problem of Sharps?

Fixing the Problem

The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the main federal agency charged with the enforcement of safety and health legislation. They help workers of companies by creating regulations to help reduce the chance of exposure to blood and other infectious materials. Employers need to cooperate and implement exposure control plans for their work site and help their employees understand the measures that they can take to protect themselves while working. Because of this administration, they helped guide employers in setting their regulations.

To help reduce and try to eradicate the hazards of exposure in the workplace to blood borne pathogens, an employer needs to execute an exposure control plan for the work site with details on worker protection procedures. The plan also has to define how an employer has to use a mixture of engineering and work practice controls, make sure workers can use their own fitted fully protected clothing and equipment, provide training, surveillance during medical tasks, vaccinations for hepatitis B, labels and signs to guide workers, and other provisions. Needleless devices, shielded needle devices and tubs made of plastic capillary are options as well nowadays.

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Disposal of Sharps


Generally, people who use a form of sharps on a regular basis do not intend for a victim to be injured when they dispose of their sharps. The problem is that it is difficult to dispose of sharps safely. The reason for this is that when disposing of used sharps, they must be treated more carefully than other types of waste. When sharps are thrown in the garbage or recycling bins, this can still cause harm to humans or animals. Needles can easily pierce through bags and stick into a sanitation worker or animal, which could lead to an infection. Due to the amount of work it takes to correctly dispose of sharps, some people neglect to perform this task correctly and put lives at risk.

In a bill introduced by Senator Figueroa on February 16, 2006, as of September 1, 2008, the law prohibits a person from “knowingly placing home-generated sharps waste in certain types of containers, provide that home-generated sharps waste shall be transported only in a sharps container, as defined in the act, or other container approved by the department or local enforcement agency, and provide that this waste shall only be managed at specified locations consistent with existing law” (SB 1305). Continue reading “Disposal of Sharps”

Sharps in the United States

After Callie was pricked, I enrolled in a city college in Portland, and wrote this essay, that will continue along the next 3 posts.

Sharps Problems in the United States

Sharps have certainly been causing problems in all their years of existence. A sharp, in the medical field, is a term given to devices with sharp points or edges that can puncture or cut skin. There are many examples of items that are considered sharps today. This includes needles, syringes, lancets, auto injectors, infusion sets, and connection needles.

Sharp Classifications

Needle forms of sharps are hollow needles that are used to insert drugs underneath the skin.

A syringe is a device that consists of a plunger fitting tightly in a tube. It is used to inject medication into the body, or take fluid from it. They take punctures to take drops of blood specimen to test.

An instrument commonly used to treat diabetes; it is made of a short, double-edged blade that is often called a “fingerstick device.”

Auto injectors are syringes that are already filled with liquid medication that are intended to be a single dose that is self-injected into the body. Auto injectors include epinephrine and insulin pens. They are often used in life-saving circumstances, such as when a person who is very allergic to bees is stung by one. Auto injectors are typically used in these situations.

auto injectors

An infusion set is a system consisting of a needle used to send drugs to the body. The system connects an insulin pump to the user. The purpose of an infusion set is to deliver insulin under the skin. Connection needles are those that connect to a tube and transfer fluids in and out of the body. Patients who are on home hemodialysis often use connection needles.  Continue reading “Sharps in the United States”

Portland Wedding

Callie and I were doing great with our new business. People were loving the quality of prints that we were sending to them, and we were continuously getting recommendations from people, which really ramped up the ability we had to expand our business. With so much money incoming from this area of expertise, we decided it was time to move on, and focus on more business oriented activities, since we could already taste the level of success that is capable with enough action.

At the time, we were still living in a trailer park in a relative’s trailer, and we had more than enough money to leave the place behind. So we decided to hop online, and look for potential places to live where there is a chance we can be surrounded by enthusiastic and skill capable people. It was then that we decided to reach out to other relatives in different cities, even ones that we never really knew. One of my distant cousins was excited to learn she had more family when I was able to track down relatives through the internet. She was telling me she was having a wedding and she would love to have me. I had never been to such a type of an event, and was struck that she would offer her love right off the bat. It was in Portland, OR, better than the city Callie and I were in, so we bought a cheap little van, hopped in with all of our things, and decided to drive to Portland where we decided we would live.

oregon forests

We dressed up for the wedding, and arrived with all our luggage right for the event. Kind of silly, but they actually had a valet company cover the parking for the event and they were parking all of the cars, and my van just kind of got lumped into the mix. As soon as I realized what just happened, I caught myself in the most beautiful scenery I had ever scene, not really having taken for granted yet actually leaving my hometown for the first time in my life.

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