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Callie and I were doing great with our new business. People were loving the quality of prints that we were sending to them, and we were continuously getting recommendations from people, which really ramped up the ability we had to expand our business. With so much money incoming from this area of expertise, we decided it was time to move on, and focus on more business oriented activities, since we could already taste the level of success that is capable with enough action.

At the time, we were still living in a trailer park in a relative’s trailer, and we had more than enough money to leave the place behind. So we decided to hop online, and look for potential places to live where there is a chance we can be surrounded by enthusiastic and skill capable people. It was then that we decided to reach out to other relatives in different cities, even ones that we never really knew. One of my distant cousins was excited to learn she had more family when I was able to track down relatives through the internet. She was telling me she was having a wedding and she would love to have me. I had never been to such a type of an event, and was struck that she would offer her love right off the bat. It was in Portland, OR, better than the city Callie and I were in, so we bought a cheap little van, hopped in with all of our things, and decided to drive to Portland where we decided we would live.

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We dressed up for the wedding, and arrived with all our luggage right for the event. Kind of silly, but they actually had a valet company www.valetportland.com cover the parking for the event and they were parking all of the cars, and my van just kind of got lumped into the mix. As soon as I realized what just happened, I caught myself in the most beautiful scenery I had ever scene, not really having taken for granted yet actually leaving my hometown for the first time in my life.

oregon forest wedding

We were in the middle of one of the many forests in Oregon, right outside Beaverton, and it was morning time and fog was still drifting through the trees. The scene was something that I’ll never leave behind in my mind. Having lived in a filthy box in the middle of a poor city, I never had the luxury to even realize what level of nature I had been missing on my entire life.

We were at some sort of winery I believe, and she had the most beautiful wedding early in the morning so the fog was still roaming around, I swear it was something out of a fairy tale. I felt so lucky to even just have a member of my family like this. I got to speak to her for awhile at the wedding, and just the bits of life she shared for me made me passionate for the cause Callie and I were pushing for. The gift I brought my cousin was a little booklet I made of our family history. I paid special attention to detail and tried to replicate the faces of each of our ancestors going back 150 years. When there was not an available picture available, I worked to take features of children’s faces and combine them into an image of our ancestor, trying to close as many holes in the tree as possible.

Thanks to our printers, I was able to pass along the most thought out gift I made anyone to a family member that I never knew. I really began to overcome the terrors of the drug life that I left behind, until Callie broke the news.

oregon forest

During her adventurous escapade throughout the forests outside of Beaverton, she wanted to explore the world like she never had before, and she found herself in the middle of nowhere when she found a sewer system that she wanted to explore. Her curiosity got her pricked with a needle, and now the worry of a disease caught struck our chords.

The next posts are going to be about my caution to you all to properly dispose of used needles and other sharps, and what to know about them all.

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